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The 1st International Collaboration in U.S. on K-12 nano science courses


A long-held dream of a team of engineering professors and teachers from Taiwan to visit the United States and share their vision for K-12 nano science education was a very informative experience for the participants from both countries.

Arizona State University and University of Wisconsin at Madison were the hosts for this tour facilitated by The NanoTechnology Group Inc.

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About Arizona State University:

Professor B.L. Ramakrishna, Project Director, "Interactive NanoVisualization for Science and Engineering Education" project  

Director, Grades K-12 project at ASU 

About UW-Madison Wisconsin MRSEC:


UW-Madison Wisconsin MRSEC website at: 

About The NanoTechnology Group Inc.

The NanoTechnology Group Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization incorporated in Texas with an international group of members and welcomes collaboration in the United States and all countries to support education projects that lead to student and public awareness through formal and informal education globally.

Overview: Human Resources Development in Nanotechnology Conference 2003

hosted by Dr. Joydeep Dutta, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand.

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UNIDO ICS Expert Working Group on Nanotechnology for Developing Countries

Download our Presentations and Working Group papers to facilitate global Virtual Classrooms and e-learning nano interactive labs through our work with UNIDO ICS concerning the expansion of the knowledge base for developing countries.

PDF of Nano Science Education Presentation:

Nano Science Education Trieste Italy rev.pdf

PDF of White Paper for Presentation:

White Paper for Trieste.pdf

PDF of Working Group 2 Presentation

Working Group 2 ICS UNIDO.pdf

PDF of White Paper Working Group 2:

Working Group 2 White Paper.pdf 

Working Group 2 paper is being published in February 2008:

Title of Icfai's Professional Reference Book: Nanotechnology Issues  and Challenges

The Icfai (Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India) University is a non-profit organization involved, primarily, in imparting quality education in the area of Management and Finance.Icfai Books and Icfai Publications, wings of Icfai University are involved in publishing digests, magazines, journals and executive reference books for professional students, research scholars, academicians and corporate executives across the world. Our website is We request you to grant us permission to reprint the article in print media as well as electronic format  throughout the world in English or translated into other languages also, if required.The print run of the book would be 5000 copies in batches of 1000s.


comprehensive report published by Nanotech-Now website on the Challenges inherent in developing any new curriculum for the public schools in the United States can be downloaded for your use in educating your local and state representatives:

Nano Science Education A Complex Issue.pdf 

Two complex charts are also available for download

NSFBrochure Implementation centers.pdf

NSFPoster Current publishers.pdf 

Collaborative Advantage in Nano Education

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Globalization and NanoScience are shifting the Education Paradigm

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Team Teaching Presentation for Penn State University

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Tapas Kar, University of Utah SPIE Presentation of project for K-12 based on Advisors from TNTG Inc.

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Visual Solutions in Education Article

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The NanoTechnology Group Inc. - Technology Overviews from Media Tours

April 2002

Overview of Micro-Nanotechnologies in Switzerland by Judith Light Feather


October 2003

Environmental Technologies in Switzerland

Read the following article by Judith Light Feather about renewable resources and sustainability in Switzerland as a result from the North American journalists' tour


September 2005

Overview: Aerospace, Defence, Homeland Security Technologies in Switzerland

This comprehensive report from the 12th Location Switzerland+ Media Tour covers all of the partnerships between government, universities and business for a complete overview of current technologies as pertain to National Identity cards under review to replace passports, Nano-Satellites that are launched as clusters, military and space programs and the newest UAV;s for security and disaster monitoring. 


September 2008

Overview: Micro-Mechanical Technology Solutions from Switzerland

Comprehensive report from the Location Switzerland Media Tour covers all partnerships between government, universities and business concerning micro mechanical manufacturing.



James Murday 

Andy Shaw 

Zvi Yaniv 

Steven Vetter 

Richard Feynman 

Hector Ruiz

Leon Lederman 

David Kerry, Arizona State University

Festus Onogholo 

Interview M. Roco